VR Glasses

  • New version. Extra Comfortable and Fully Flexible Virtual Reality Headset That Turns Any Phone Into A 3D/VR Theatre While Watching Side by Side 3D Videos or Side By Side 3D VR Videos (360 Degree SBS)
  • High Quality Premium Remote Included That Features Atleast Volume And Previous/Next Button Compatibilty With iOS Devices
  • Padding Stickers Included For Smaller Phones. Though They Are Optional As The Customized Spring Grip Always Keeps The Phone At The Center (Instead of Bottom)
  • Any Phone Fits Including 4 Inch Phones to 6 Inch Phones. However, Bigger The Phone Screen, Better The Experience.
  • Easy Instructions And All Manuals Included – Ships Brand New From Factory

More Description:

EiZiTEK is #1 Premium Brand Providing Quality Products. EiZiTEK VR Shinecon glasses with the included best in class Premium Bluetooth controller/remote turns your phone in a big screen cinema experience in the comfort of your home. Just pair the remote to the phone and place your phone in the glasses (Note: The remote works fully for android, but has limited functionality when paired with iOS devices. This premium remote enables volume controls and previous/next video buttons on iPhone while playing 3D/VR videos in playlists on your iphone) and hence eliminates need to take out your iphone or Android phone every time you want to play previous/next video.